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(2000) Directed by Roland Emmerich. Farmer Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) was born and raised in South Carolina and fought bravely during the French-Indian wars. Since the death of his wife, Benjamin has renounced violence and quietly tends his crops while raising his seven children alone. In 1776, over Benjamin's objections, his oldest son Gabriel (Heath Ledger) joins the fight against the British. Gabriel returns from battle seriously wounded, with Lord General Cornwallis (Tom Wilkinson) calling for his arrest. Gabriel is captured by Col. Tavington (Jason Isaacs) and sentenced to hang. Benjamin sets aside his vow of pacifism and rescues Gabriel; with the help of his former comrade-in-arms Harry Burwell (Chris Cooper), the father and son form a regiment of Carolina patriots whose cunning and ruthlessness make them heroes among the colonist.  [Action / Drama / History]

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