Funny You Should Ask

“Funny You Should Ask” is an American comedy television show that first aired in 2017. The show is hosted by John Kelly and the participating comedians include famous comedians such as Louie Anderson, Bill Engvall, Jimmy Pardo and others.

The basic concept of the show is that the comedians ask questions to the contestants and the contestants try to give funny answers. The questions can be on a wide variety of topics, and often have playful and humorous references embedded in them.


Six amusing celebrities are individually posed with a trivia question, wherein they provide both a humorous “joke” response and a legitimate answer. Alternating between two contestants, they must determine if the panel’s answer is true or false. Correct responses earn the contestant $100 in the initial round, $200 in the second, and $300 in the third. The first two rounds consist of six questions each, while the third continues until the bell rings, signaling the end of the round. In subsequent rounds, the contestant trailing or, in case of a tie, the one who went last, goes first. The contestant with the highest earnings becomes the champion and gains the opportunity to compete in the “Big Money” bonus round for a chance to win an additional $5,000. Prior to the game show’s commencement, contestants are presented with a numerical question about one of the celebrities, which serves as a tiebreaker. The contestant whose answer is closest to the correct total emerges victorious.

Big Money Round

During the bonus segment, the contestants face three multiple-choice questions answered by the celebrities, with only one correct response per query. The difficulty level increases with each question, accompanied by more potential answers: three for the first question, four for the second, and six for the third and last query, with the final option always serving as a humorous “joke” answer. Successfully navigating this challenge earns the champion a prize of $5,000. However, failure to answer any question correctly results in an immediate end to the bonus round.

Funny You Should Ask Talent

John Kelly, Host

John Kelly is an American television host known for hosting various television shows including Funny You Should Ask. His professionalism, natural charisma and ability to create a funny and friendly atmosphere make him popular among viewers. Together with the participating comedians, he brings a lot of joy and smiles to the viewers.

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