The Liquidator

“The Liquidator” is a Canadian reality television show about the process of selling off items, mostly from unsold store inventory, warehouses or lots at auctions. The show focuses on the work of the main character, Jeffrey Schwartz, who is a professional “liquidator”. He is in the business of buying back goods at reduced prices and then reselling them for profit.

In each episode, Jeffrey and his team explore different locations, assess the value of goods, bargain and make deals in order to maximize profits. Viewers can follow the process of negotiating, making decisions and then reselling the goods.


“The Liquidator” chronicles the day-to-day endeavors of Jeff Schwarz, the central figure of the series, as he navigates the world of buying and selling surplus or unwanted merchandise. The show sheds light on Jeff’s adept negotiation skills as he hunts for bargains and strives to secure the most favorable prices for goods. Jeff tirelessly follows leads and brokers deals for the merchandise, which is subsequently sold by him and his team at Direct Liquidation, a substantial 30,000-square-foot warehouse located in Burnaby, British Columbia, owned and operated by Jeff and his wife, or alternatively through auction.

International broadcast

Discovery International secured the rights to broadcast The Liquidator on its DMAX channels throughout Europe. Viewers across several European countries, including the UK, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Italy, France, Russia, and Israel, can now enjoy the series via the Discovery channel.

The Liquidator Talent

Jeff Schwarz, Host

Jeff Schwarz is a Canadian businessman and reality television star best known as the main character of the show The Liquidator. The program features him as a professional liquidator who buys and resells merchandise that is often on closeout or discounted sale.

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