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  • Master Minds

    Master Minds

    “Master Minds” debuted on the Game Show Network in 2020, helmed by host Brooke Burns. In this thrilling quiz show, contestants face off against formidable “Master Minds,” experts in diverse subjects. The competition unfolds through several rounds, each featuring questions spanning various categories, offering participants the chance to snag cash rewards. Renowned for their expertise…

  • People Puzzler

    People Puzzler

    “People Puzzler” is an American television game show that premiered on the Game Show Network in 2021. It’s based on the popular crosswords from People magazine. The show is hosted by Leah Remini. Contestants participate by answering questions related to various celebrities, events, and facts from the world of entertainment, music, film, and television. The…

  • America Says

    America Says

    “America Says” burst onto the American television scene in 2018, offering viewers an exhilarating game show experience courtesy of Game Show Network. At the helm of the action is the charismatic John Michael Higgins. Each episode sees two teams, comprised of four eager contestants, locking horns in a battle of wits. Their mission? To anticipate…

  • 12 longest-running game shows on TV

    12 longest-running game shows on TV

    The enduring appeal of the longest-running game shows lies in their ability to entertain and engage audiences over many years. These shows offer contestants exciting opportunities to win prizes while captivating viewers who live vicariously through them. Whether it’s the unique format of the show or the charismatic hosts who lead them, there’s something special…

  • Top Best 70s Game Shows

    Top Best 70s Game Shows

    The 1970s were a pivotal time for game shows, leaving an indelible mark on television history. Shows like The Price Is Right and Match Game captivated audiences, becoming iconic cultural staples. Today, they remain cherished classics, evoking nostalgia for viewers of all ages. The Price Is Right “The Price Is Right,” an adored game show,…

  • The 10 Best Nickelodeon Game Shows 90s

    The 10 Best Nickelodeon Game Shows 90s

    “Double Dare” was among Nickelodeon’s earliest original shows, playing a pivotal role in establishing the network and pioneering the concept of fun game shows for kids. Prior to this, game shows primarily targeted adults, with contestants seated and answering questions or solving puzzles. Nickelodeon revolutionized the genre by making kids both the audience and the…

  • Family Feud

    Family Feud

    Weeknights 10p Family Feud, an American TV game show conceived by Mark Goodson, pits two families against each other, striving to guess the most popular responses to survey questions for cash and prizes. With three distinct iterations, the initial run commenced in 1976, spanning both ABC and syndication, hosted by Richard Dawson. Revived in 1988,…

  • Celebrity Family Feud

    Celebrity Family Feud

    “Celebrity Family Feud” is an American TV show based on the popular game “Family Feud.” Celebrities compete on behalf of charities. It’s like the regular “Family Feud” but with famous people. Two teams from a family or group answer survey questions to guess the most popular answers. The team with more points wins and can…

  • Press Your Luck

    Press Your Luck

    Tuesdays at 10/9c “Press Your Luck” is an American television show that first appeared in 1983. In the show, contestants answer questions and then spin a huge wheel of luck to win money and prizes. If a player stops at “Whammy” they will lose their money and prizes. The show became famous for its unique…

  • Match Game

    Match Game

    “Match Game” stands as an iconic American television game show, initially hitting the airwaves in 1962. Over the years, it has undergone several revivals, notably the Gene Rayburn-led 1970s version and Alec Baldwin’s 2016 rendition. In each episode, a mix of celebrities and regular contestants join forces to tackle questions, striving to align their responses…

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