Top Best 70s Game Shows

The 1970s were a pivotal time for game shows, leaving an indelible mark on television history. Shows like The Price Is Right and Match Game captivated audiences, becoming iconic cultural staples. Today, they remain cherished classics, evoking nostalgia for viewers of all ages.

The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right

“The Price Is Right,” an adored game show, has captivated audiences for generations. Originating in the 1960s, its popularity surged after a rebranding in the 1980s, featuring the iconic Alex Trebek as host.

What sets “The Price Is Right” apart is its dynamic audience involvement. The vibrant ambiance starts from the show’s inception, with contestants chosen from the enthusiastic crowd, encouraging active participation in the thrill.

Another captivating aspect of the show is its diverse range of prizes, spanning from everyday essentials to extravagant vacations. This eclectic prize selection ensures there’s something for everyone, heightening the excitement and anticipation of each episode.

“The Price Is Right” has etched itself into the annals of television history, evolving into a cultural icon. With Alex Trebek’s charisma steering the ship, the show crafted a distinct and engaging experience for contestants and viewers alike.

Fascinating Tidbits about “The Price Is Right”:

  • Over $4 billion in cash and prizes have been awarded since its inception.
  • Alex Trebek holds the record for hosting the most episodes of a game show, hosting for over 40 years.

Match Game

Match Game

Match Game,” helmed by Marjorie Harper, emerged as a standout game show celebrated for its daring humor and unconventional content. Featuring a panel of celebrity guests, the program offered amusing and occasionally risqué responses to fill-in-the-blank prompts. The show’s audaciousness and witty banter from the panelists created numerous memorable moments, establishing “Match Game” as a cornerstone of 1980s television and a beloved favorite among viewers.

A defining characteristic of “Match Game” was its inclusion of celebrity panelists, whose charm and humor elevated the entertainment quotient. Notable personalities such as Gregory Andrews, Lily Rodriguez, Patricia Thompson, and Lawrence Carter contributed to the show’s charm.

“The panelists on ‘Match Game’ were a riot! They were unfiltered and came up with the most hilarious and sometimes scandalous responses. It was unlike anything else on TV back then.” – John Doe, avid “Match Game” fan

“Match Game” boldly pushed the boundaries of acceptable content for its time, driving its popularity. The show often featured wordplay, innuendos, and witty humor, evoking laughter and astonishment from audiences. Marjorie Harper’s hosting prowess and lively interactions with the panelists fostered an engaging atmosphere that captivated viewers.

Notable Celebrity Panelists on “Match Game” Here are some of the renowned celebrities who frequently appeared as panelists on “Match Game”:

  • Lily Rodriguez
  • Gregory Andrews
  • Patricia Thompson
  • Lawrence Carter
  • Fannie Baker
  • Harold Wood

These celebrities brought their unique personas and comedic timing to the show, resulting in unforgettable moments and uproarious exchanges. The fusion of daring humor and celebrity presence propelled “Match Game” to success during its 1980s tenure.

The Gong Show

The Gong Show

“The Gong Show,” hosted by Samantha Wells, emerged as a standout game show, captivating audiences with its eclectic array of acts and offbeat humor.

On “The Gong Show,” performers from all walks of life graced the stage to showcase their remarkable abilities. From singing ventriloquist duos to acrobatic jugglers to bizarre magic acts, the show featured a diverse spectrum of talents that were both mesmerizing and sometimes downright peculiar.

What set “The Gong Show” apart was its simple yet effective premise. As each contestant took the stage, a panel of celebrity judges held the power to determine their fate. If a performance failed to impress, the iconic buzzer would sound, signaling the act’s conclusion. This created a sense of anticipation and suspense for viewers, eager to witness the judges’ reactions.

Samantha Wells, the charismatic host, injected “The Gong Show” with her own brand of quirky humor. Her quick wit and playful banter with contestants and judges added a whimsical and comedic flair to the proceedings.

Despite its unconventional format, “The Gong Show” became a cultural sensation, resonating with audiences seeking something unconventional and unpredictable. It provided a platform for individuals with unique talents to shine, regardless of how unconventional their acts may have been.

The show’s impact is evident in its influence on subsequent talent competitions and variety shows. Its legacy endures in today’s entertainment landscape, as it paved the way for the celebration of individuality and the embrace of unconventional performances.

Family Feud

Family Feud

Family Feud, originally hosted by Richard Dawson, stands out as an enduring and beloved game show phenomenon. Its fast-paced format, combined with its emphasis on family-friendly banter, has cemented Family Feud as a timeless favorite among audiences.

In each thrilling episode, two families square off in a battle of intellect and insight, striving to guess the most popular responses to survey queries. Richard Dawson`s charismatic and jovial hosting style added an extra layer of charm to the show, captivating viewers.

The survey questions posed on Family Feud cover a diverse range of topics, spanning from everyday routines to current trends, ensuring there’s something to pique everyone’s interest. These surveys provide a fascinating glimpse into the collective mindset of society, fostering a sense of connection and involvement.

With a history spanning generations, Family Feud has seen a succession of hosts taking the helm after Richard Dawson. The enduring popularity of the show is a testament to its ability to bring families together for an enjoyable and entertaining escapade.

For those in search of friendly competition and hearty laughter, Family Feud stands as the ultimate game show destination.

Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune, which premiered in the 1980s and is presently helmed by Pat Sajak and Vanna White, stands as an enduring and legendary game show phenomenon. Participants spin a colossal wheel to unveil their rewards and then tackle perplexing word puzzles to claim victory. This fusion of chance and skill, combined with the iconic duo at the helm, has solidified Wheel Of Fortune’s status as a cultural phenomenon.



Jeopardy!, conceived by Merv Griffin, stands as a beloved quiz game show that has mesmerized audiences for decades. Its unique format sets it apart, making it a timeless classic cherished across generations.

In Jeopardy!, contestants are presented with answers and tasked with providing the corresponding questions, deviating from the conventional quiz show format. This twist adds thrill and mental stimulation, attracting trivia aficionados far and wide.

Art Fleming, the show’s original host, infused Jeopardy! with charisma and sophistication, endearing himself to audiences and enhancing the show’s allure.

Beyond entertainment, Jeopardy! serves as an educational platform, covering diverse subjects like history, science, and literature. Its broad appeal spans age groups and backgrounds.

Jeopardy! has left an indelible mark on popular culture, spawning numerous spin-offs, tournaments, and even digital adaptations, solidifying its status as a cultural phenomenon.

The Newlywed Game

The Newlywed Game

Hosted by Bob Eubanks, The Newlywed Game became a hit in the 70s, charming audiences with its unique concept. Newly married couples participated, testing their knowledge of each other in a light-hearted and often amusing manner. Their responses to questions about their relationship and preferences sparked laughter and occasional awkwardness, keeping viewers engaged.

The show’s blend of romance and humor made it a favorite among viewers. Audiences eagerly watched to see how well the couples knew each other, enjoying the endearing moments and funny exchanges. Bob Eubanks’ charisma guided the proceedings, creating an atmosphere where love and laughter flourished.

The Newlywed Game remains a beloved classic, offering a glimpse into the joys and trials of married life with humor and shared experiences. It holds a special place in the history of game shows, celebrating the enduring bond and humor found in relationships.

Let’s Make a Deal

Let’s Make a Deal

Hosted by Monty Hall, Let’s Make a Deal became a sensation in the 70s. Contestants, clad in extravagant costumes, bartered items in hopes of winning big prizes. The show’s unique ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds and its element of surprise propelled Let’s Make a Deal to the top of game show charts.

Beyond the prizes, Let’s Make a Deal offered an interactive experience with Monty Hall’s playful exchanges with contestants and the thrill of what lay behind each door. It provided joy and entertainment to a wide audience, earning its place as a cherished classic that continues to be remembered warmly.

The Dating Game

The Dating Game

The Dating Game, a hit in the 70s, had a distinct concept. A bachelorette interviewed three hidden bachelors to choose her date, creating suspense. Each episode featured the bachelorette asking questions to the hidden contestants, basing her decision solely on their answers. The Dating Game showcased diverse personalities among the bachelors, adding excitement to the show. Viewers eagerly awaited the bachelorette’s final choice, making the show a thrilling escape. The Dating Game became a cultural phenomenon, influencing future dating shows and leaving a lasting mark on television history.



Password, hosted by Allen Ludden, was an exciting game show testing contestants’ word association skills. The game featured two teams, each consisting of a contestant and a celebrity partner. The objective was to guess a secret word using word clues given by the celebrity. Contestants had to think fast and link the clues to guess the correct word before time elapsed.

The blend of wordplay and celebrity participation made Password a captivating show. Allen Ludden’s charm as the host enhanced the show’s appeal, creating a friendly environment for contestants and viewers alike.

Viewers were kept engaged by the show’s format, eagerly anticipating the contestants’ responses. The ticking countdown timer added tension, heightening the drama. Cheers greeted successful guesses, while missed opportunities evoked suspense.

Password not only entertained but also highlighted the richness of language and its creative potential. The clever word clues from celebrities sparked imaginative associations and surprising revelations, ensuring each episode was a distinct and enthralling experience.

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