This six-episode series takes you on a trip down memory lane featuring interviews with game show icons like Howie Mandel and Wink Martindale. You'll learn how an American quiz show scandal became a boon to Canada's game show industry, enjoy a look at the early careers of game show legends like Monty Hall and Alex Trebek, and get the behind-the-scenes stories of how some of Canada's most inventive game shows like "The Mad Dash" and "Bumper Stumpers" came to be. The series is also a hunt for game show footage thought lost to time. History has not been kind to some of Canada's finest game show entries; due to the practice of wiping, some have been almost completely erased from the archives. However, we've dug deep to unearth classic footage from all of your favourite shows, including home video recordings from viewers like you! "The Search for Canada's Game Shows" is narrated by Wayne Cox, the host of fan favourites like "Acting Crazy," "Talk About" and "Second Honeymoon."  Season 2 coming in 2021!    Visit us at