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(2009) Directed by Paul McGuigan. A group of telekinetic American ex-patriots who band together in an attempt to take down the clandestine government agency that's genetically transforming normal citizens into powerful psychic warriors. ‘The Division’ is a shadowy government operation devoted to making humankind the ultimate weapon. Those who accept this transformation have the power to move objects with their mind, see the future before it happens, create new realities, and dispense of their enemies without so much as a single touch. Nick Gant (Chris Evans) is a "mover," a second-generation telekinetic who went into hiding after 'The Division' killed his father.  Nick lives a life of anonymity in Hong Kong, but suddenly into his life comes 13-year-old "watcher", Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning), a clairvoyant who needs his help in tracking down escaped "pusher" Kira, who may hold the key to bringing down 'The Division' once and for all. [Sci-fi/Thriller]

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