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(2007) Directed by Gregory Hoblit. Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins), a structural engineer and an ambitious young district attorney Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) become locked in a deadly battle of wits when Ted is found innocent in the attempted murder of his wife. Ted lives with his wife, Jennifer (Embeth Davidtz), in the couple's lavish Southern California home. One day, after carefully planning out the details to ensure that there is no way he can be convicted of murder, Ted shoots his wife in a blatant attempt to kill the woman. Though Jennifer survives the trauma of being shot in the head at close range, she hovers comatose between life and death. Willy Beachum reluctantly accepts the case while preparing to leave the Los Angeles criminal court system behind for a more promising career at a posh private law firm. Though the DA (David Strathairn) resents Beachum's departure, the hotshot young lawyer remains convinced that he can expedite the apparently open-and-shut case and be on his way to greener pastures in one week's time at the very most.  [Crime / Drama]

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