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(1996) Directed by Mike Nichols. Armand Goldman (Robin Williams), is the owner of a popular South Beach drag club known for putting on elaborate showcases starring his long-time lover/wife Albert (Nathan Lane) who appears as "Starina." Lately, poor flamboyant, flighty Albert has been in crisis over the inexorable onset of middle age. He has been moody, paranoid and unbearably. Though Albert can be a royal pain, Armand still dearly loves him and the two live happily in their splendiferous apartment above the club. One day Armand's son Val (the result of Armand's single foray into straight sex) comes visiting with joyous news: he has found his dreamgirl and is getting married. The only trouble is, Barbara Keeley's father is the blustery ultra-religious right-wing Senator Keeley (Hackman), the founder of the Coalition for Moral Order. [Comedy]

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