Donnie Brasco

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(1997) Directed by Mike Newell. Based on a true story, Joe Pistone (Johnny Depp) is an FBI agent who is given the assignment to infiltrate the Mafia; calling himself Donnie Brasco, he befriends Lefty Ruggiero (Al Pacino), a low-level mob hit man whose personal life is in tatters. Lefty's marriage is falling apart. Lefty sees Donnie as someone who can succeed where he failed; he takes the young man under his wing. Donnie quickly rises through the ranks of organized crime; however, the longer he plays the role of the gangster, the more Joe Pistone finds himself becoming Donnie Brasco in his increasingly rare off hours; it drives a wedge between himself and his wife (Anne Heche) and children, and Joe realizes that a break in character among the hoodlums he's come to know could mean a death sentence for himself and his family. [Biography / Crime / Drama]

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