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(2000) Directed by Danny Boyle. "The Beach" tells the story of Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio), an idealistic American backpacker who has grown bored of the typical adventure tourism in Thailand. Searching for something more, he follows the trail of a strange British man named Daffy (Robert Carlyle) to a mysterious island paradise known as The Beach. There Richard finds an Utopian society of westerners living off the grid, led by the charismatic and radical Sal (Tilda Swinton). Richard becomes a part of Sal's society, living a self-sustaining existence of adventure and independence on their island paradise. But all is not as it seems, and as Richard begins to learn more of how Sal runs and sustains their group, reality comes crashing down on the fantasy of The Beach. Soon Richard's entire perspective becomes warped and surreal as everything he knows and trusts is put into question in this land cut-off from modern society. [Drama]

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