Resident Evil

Resident Evil A deadly virus gets loose at a private medical research facility, and a police officer and a team of commandos go in to clean up the mess. But nothing could prepare them for the terror that awaits...

(2002) Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. A multinational pharmaceutical conglomerate known as the Umbrella Corporation operates a research facility underground near Raccoon City. When a deadly virus contaminates the facility, killing everyone who works there, the site is quarantined and a team of Umbrella's private commandos are sent in to investigate. Upon arriving they discover a mysterious woman named with amnesia who cannot remember her past or how she got there, but calls herself Alice (Milla Jovovich). The team decides to bring Alice along as they delve into the underground facility to discover what happened and recover any valuable research products. But what awaits them underground is more than a mere virus and the dead bodies of the site's staff, but the terrifying results of unchecked scientific experiments gone horrible awry. Also starring Michelle Rodriguez, "Resident Evil" is an action packed horror movie based on the popular video game series, and this first movie launched a successful film series that continues to terrifying and amaze audiences today. [Horror / Action]

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