Eastern Promises

Eastern Promises When an anonymous young woman dies giving birth in a London hospital, the delivering midwife begins investigating and finds herself immersed in the world of the city’s Russian mafia

(2007) Directed by David Cronenberg. When an anonymous and pregnant young woman is admitted to a London hospital with serious injuries, midwife Anna Ivanovna (Naomi Watts) has just enough time to deliver the baby before its mother passes away. After finding a diary written in Russian on the dead mother's body, Anna takes it upon herself to investigate the woman's life to uncover the reasons for her death. However, Anna quickly finds herself immersed in the dangerous underworld of London's Russian mafia. Somehow the dead mother was tied to extremely dangerous criminals, and Anna begins to realize how much danger she is in as she negotiates with the mysterious enforcer Nikolai Luzhin (Viggo Mortensen) for information. [Drama / Crime]

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