Alien Resurrection

Alien Resurrection 200 years after Alien 3, scientists resurrect Ripley to get the alien she carried inside her when she died. But they also create a new monster by mixing the creature’s DNA with Ripley’s…

(1997) Directed by Jean Pierre-Jeunet. Sigourney Weaver returns as Ripley, the intergalactic heroine who died to destroy a terrifying monster from space in Alien 3. Now, 200 years later, scientists have resurrected her in order to get the alien queen she was carrying inside her when she died. But in the process, the scientists accidentally spliced Ripley’s DNA with the creatures and created a terrifying new version of the alien. Now Ripley must work with space pirates Call (Winona Ryder) and Johner (Ron Perlman) to destroy the aliens before they reach the Earth and are unleashed on all mankind. [Horror / Action]

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