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There are WILDLY differing opinions on Jim Carey.  In terms of Canadian comedic talent, some have compared him to Tom Green.  Carey is definitely not as ‘out there’ as Green.  If you equate talent with box office success, then Green might be considered relatively close to Carey.  But in terms of raw talent, it’s no contest:  Jim Carey blows Tom Green away. 

Carey plays Truman Burbank, a man whose sole purpose in life is to be the star of a TV reality show about himself.  Truman begins to get frustrated with the all-too-perfect nature of his existence, and it’s when he begins to question his life, that he comes to the realization there IS a world outside his own.  It would not be unlike the feeling of Columbus, or the early explorers who ventured outside their own insular worlds.  To do that took courage, and we see that aplenty in the latter stages of The Truman Show.  It’s a fascinating look at a different world than we know, and it’s a look at what happens when, as Christof says, “We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.”  It remains one of Carey’s finest career performances.  The movie received 3 Oscar nominations.  Carey wasn’t one of them, but it was, nonetheless, a terrific performance, and one where he lifted his game up another level or two.   

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